Youth Spotlight: Greening Forward

Greening Forward Youth CouncilHave you ever heard of Greening Forward? It is an organization that seeks to help “establish, engage, and empower a diverse global green movement of people for the protection of the environment.” Started in 2008 by a then-12–year-old named Charles Orgbon, Greening Forward was formerly called Recycling Education and was originally a website that addressed environmental issues. Charles decided to start the website after he saw litter all over his school campus. In just four years the organization has grown tremendously and has now reached “6,000 youth in 30 communities in the US [United States], Asia and Africa.” The organization focuses on educating and getting youth excited and prepared to be at the forefront of the environmental movement.

Growing Forward’s programs target people where they live and work, because they are meant to be community-based. Therefore they focus on schools, communities, and workplaces. Learn more about specific programs here.

The site has a whole section dedicated to different environmental issues, including a three part documentary on these issues. Check them out here!