The Alternative Travel Project

There are over 1 billion vehicles on roads around the world, and they are burning gas. According to the Alternative Travel Project (ATP), many of them do not need to be! ATP “is a global initiative encouraging people to go car free for just one day.” What does alternative travel mean? It means using a bicycle, walking, taking public transportation, or using new technology such as electric cars. You can also take action on this issue on September 22 by participating in World Car Free Day, an annual international day that encourages people to not use their cars for those 24 hours!

If you are not sure exactly how to transition from using a car to using an alternative form of transportation, check out this handy Get Started Guide. It offers helpful hints and ideas about how to make the most of your non-car travel.

To see some of the exciting things that ATP is doing, click on their Social page. Check out these videos of people using alternative forms of transport. Even celebrities like Hollywood actors Stana Katic and Seamus Dever (from the show “Castle”) are getting involved. Don’t miss the videos of Stana test driving the new Arcimoto electric car, and the two actors talking about biking instead of driving below!  Do you use alternative travel methods besides driving?  If so, what do you do?